Sir Donald Bradman’s Birthplace

Visit the birthplace of Sir Donald Bradman, widely regarded as “the greatest batsman the world has ever known,” located at 89 Adams Street in Cootamundra. Granny Scholz, the midwife who delivered Sir Donald, operated a small private hospital in the front room of this building. In 1991, the cottage was refurbished and lovingly restored, and it now houses a collection of memorabilia related to Sir Don, cricket, and the Cootamundra district. Next door, at 87 Adams Street, is the Memorabilia Cottage, which contains a nostalgic display of curios, bric-a-brac, and Australian memorabilia from the era of Sir Donald’s birth. This property houses a collection of memorabilia on loan to the council from Peter and Jenny Cash, who created it over several years. The Bradman Birthplace and Memorabilia Cottage were purchased and developed by the Cootamundra Shire Council to preserve these sites for future generations.